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Our story is not special. We were classmates in College. We had the same advisor when we were doing our master's. We were in the same department when we were doing our ph. D.  Since 2006 we started our relationship officially. We had a lot of happy and unhappy memories. We cherished each other and conquered the biggest crisis.



We can share each other's dream together. Verbal words are redundant. I'm a romantic person who is strugling in the realistic world. He is the silly person who always supports me and helps me persue my silly dreams. We have been doing long distance for more than 2 years. He is the person thinking about our future and life and has been trying his best to build a happy family. He is the family.



I have been believing that there is a timing to get married. That's the timing when people say " Let's get married." Someone answers "Alrighty." instantly without hesitation. I don't belive in roses and candle dinners. I believe in the right timing.

I can remember the minute when you asked me" Do you want to marry me?" I said " Ok." "When?" " Around October." " All right."


我一直相信結婚是需要一個對的時機的。這個時機就是當有人問道:"要不我們結婚吧?" 另一個人可以毫不猶豫的回答:"好呀."一直以來我都不相信玫瑰花和燭光晚餐. 但是我相信這個對的時機。

我還記得你問我:"結婚嗎?" 我說:"好啊.""什麽時候?""十月份?""好呀."


So many things are going to happen in the future but you are going to confront them with me.......We are not the prince and princess, but we are going to live happily ever after.


在未来我们将要面对许许多多的事情. 但是你将继续和我一起面对....我们不是公主和王子,但是我们拥有彼此.

从此以后, 我们过上了幸福快乐的生活.......^-^ ^-^