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We want to thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us as we prepare to start another chapter of our lives together. We hope that you enjoy every part of our wedding website just as much as we did creating it! We love you all!

We met about five years ago through our friends at a BBQ. I still remember how comfortable we were talking to each other, just like we were old friends. From that day on we established a strong friendship and sense of trust. It was not until a year later that we started dating as a couple. The years have passed by so quickly and before we knew it, it had been four years together and here we are now, engaged!

We are having a destination wedding at Meeru Island Resort in the beautiful Maldives! We are still deciding on the smaller details but we are going to have a traditional, symbolic Maldivian ceremony. Our ceremony will be everything that we have always dreamed of!

At Meeru Island Resort we are having a small reception to celebrate celebrate our marriage. We will enjoy a nice dinner followed by our wedding cake and champagne toasts. For those of you are unable to make it to our destination wedding we are also holding a reception at home. There will be delicious food and drinks, live music, dancing and plenty of champagne toasts! We are still deciding on the smaller details of our reception so there is more to come!